Monday, November 10, 2008

Why Do I Care?

Integrated marketing communication is to me just a way of saying, in today's society we must combine all forces to prove to a customer why they should should even care about your organization. This is critical because in today's society people are so constantly inundated with "Come Here!" and "Buy This!" or "We're the Best for You!" that it seems almost impossible to make your organization stand out so that the public will choose you to pursue. Thus, I believe it is necessary to combine advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing into one big ball of publicity genius to reach the full potential of an organization.
This tactic is already beginning to be seen online as well as some offline campaigns. An example of this would be the presidential election. The Barack Obama campaign used their online influence to help promote and educate others on how to use local offline tactics of marketing, promotion, advertising, etc. Thus, combining both online and offline PR and marketing.
The differences of these two areas, PR and marketing, are becoming increasingly blurred. I found an interesting blog with some great resources and interesting comments that address just that. Enjoy!