Monday, October 20, 2008

Social Networks and PR

This video clearly explains the process of using social networks in the PR world. It also goes on to clearly define what social networks are. It discusses how managers are very curious how this all works. It goes on to expalin just that. It gives examples of these social networks: Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube, and Linked In. It also goes on to talk about how popular these social network sites have become as well as how successful using social networks to promote your organization is. I do agree with the tips the video provides to help brand your organization in a positive manner while social networking online. However, I do think some additional advice is needed on how exactly a social network profile is created. As well as, explaining some of the history of how and why social networks were started. Thus, helping better understand why this is such a great opportunity for an organization to get their name out there. Also, it should also be discussed how an organization can use social networking while still maintaining their credibility.



I like your blogs, looking forward to your future updates.

Ericka said...

I like how you out a video in your blog post, very savvy! haha

I like what the girls said about social networks making the business personalized. That is so true, isn't that was social networks are all about, that interactive connection?! Some think the social networks are making a more disconnected, and in some way I really agree with that because we're talking through computers when we could talk in person or over the phone... but in another way, social networks help us stay in touch with old friends, and network and build relationships. I think they are very useful for businesses ! thanks for sharing !