Monday, October 6, 2008

Blogging in PR

At first, I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant about blogging in general. It seems like just a good excuse to just sit there and talk about yourself. Which, as much as everyone usually enjoys this, I was always raised that just talking about yourself is vain and self-centered. However, this obviously was not the case for everyone and blog popularity has spread like wildfire.

This has lead for those with a PR driven mindset to use blogging to their advantage. I believe it truly is the perfect arena for public relation professionals. What better way to talk about "yourself" (aka your product/organization/event, etc.)? Blogs seem to almost have been made for this. One can use words, pictures, videos, direct feedback from customers, etc. for direct promotion. It's the idyllic of the commercial world.

Even after reading the material provided in class about the cons of companies blogging, I still think blogs are ideal in the PR world because of its very makeup. The whole purpose of public relations is to promote the relationship of who or what they are representing and its customers/participants. What better way than talk about "yourself" and its accepted even celebrated? Who could think of a better way? I can't.

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JRi said...

Werd. This is especially true when the author of the blog reflects the goals and ethics of the organization they represent. In other words, to those who have a sense of integrity – not writing for companies such as Enron, etc... I think when it comes to authoring blogs in terms of PR – it’s really important to stick with a company you can have a level of confidence and connection with. Not only will the words come more naturally, but also (with any luck), they should easily boost the perception of the org.