Monday, December 1, 2008

I Want Your Job!!!

Ok, seriously, does Brad Mitchell not have the coolest job ever!?! It sucks that he has to work such long hours, but that job would rock! I spend hours on social networks and blogs in my free time. So, the idea of getting paid for that blows my mind! I'm sure it's not quite as fun knowing that you HAVE to keep all those things up and running, but it sure beats my stressful work environment! It is such a great concept for the university as well. I can not think of a more perfect way to target that "possible future MSU student" population than through this perfect array of social media that Brad Mitchell is beginning to tackle.

Also, I thought the idea of ITunes U was very exciting! I would have loved to have that option as an undergrad and beyond if I were to miss a class. Also, I think it can be a great addition to online classes. Our lives are all so fast-paced these days that it would be nice to have the option to catch your missed lecture on the road! Also, what a perfect opportunity for student athletes who are forced to miss several classes anyway. They always seem to have earphones stuffed in the ears anyway. Why not get pumped up for the game with a little COM 115 lecture?

Overall, I am just so excited that Missouri State is embracing the new technologies of today's youth and beyond. Now, if you'll excuse me I need to go catch up on my Google Reader, check my Facebook account to see how my friends are doing, find a few more interesting articles for tonight's class to tag on Delicious, and update my twitter status to "Krissy is caught up on my COM blog." Thanks!


Natalie said...

Hello! I loved your post. I agree with you - it seems like he has a really nice job!

Your blog is very attractive and I like how you always use fun pictures!

Margaret Orlando said...

I totally agree that Brad's job is really cool. I think that all of us are just as capable as he is of doing that job (as long as we had an IT professional on our team).