Monday, September 29, 2008


Today's topic for COM 639 is about how YouTube can be used in the PR world.
I believe there are several ways and/or angles that this can be accomplished. The first idea that comes to mind is actually demonstrating and/or explaining the actual function and purpose of the organization/event/campaign/program/product. A second angle that could be done would be to have general public speak about their positive experiences with the organization/event/campaign/program/product. A third option is just to show the successes of the organization/event/campaign/program/product in its natural environment which allows the viewer/costumer to draw their own conclusions of how great the organization/event/campaign/program/product is or could be.
There are several strengths to using YouTube in PR. You have endless oppurtunites of audiences you can reach. Another strength of using YouTube in PR is you are not limited to a 30 second or 1 minute slot like one would be if using a general radio or TV advertisement. A third strength is that it has endless possiblities to grow on the internet. Just Because you only posted something to YouTube does not mean that that very same video won't show up on random social networking pages, Digg, or a personal website. It goes on and on.
There are also possible weaknesses to using YouTube in PR. One weakness that first comes to my mind is risk of reputation. YouTube may not always be the most professional way of getting the word out. Secondly, one must remember there is no way of preventing someone posting something negative about the organization/event/campaign/program/product. This can totally defeat the purpose of the orginail posting talking about the positive aspects. A third weakness to using YouTube for PR is that not everyone uses the internet and/or YouTube so that automatically eliminates exposure to that population.
The primary public of YouTube varies depending what source you are looking at. Even so, it is crucial to get the population one is targeting to watch the YouTube video you have created for your organization/event/campaign/program/product. There are a few good ways to get your target population exposed to your video. First, you can post it to your general website so those who are seeking information can have easy access. Second. find blogs/forums or start them that are dissussing your organization/event/campaign/program/product and post the YouTube video. Third, you can begin to add the video to social networking groups that people can join if they are interested in your organization/event/campaign/program/product. A fourth idea would be trying to get some exposure on websites like Digg or the like where the popularity of the video can landon a high hit webiste's home page.

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